rodilý mluvčí z Británie

Hi! I’m Jack, a native speaker from Cardiff, Wales, UK. I believe that learning English should be fun, stress-free, and always personalized and customized for each student’s interests, skills and needs.

V čem lektor vyniká:

My major focus are intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced skills students (mainly adults), who need to improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and accent, gain confidence to talk, and also perhaps focus on specific topics they are interested in or need for their job/education.
– Stress-Free and fun lectures
– Individual approach
– Help students to gain confidence to talk
– Developing a study plan for the individual needs
of the student

Vzdělání a praxe:
– TEFL course with a focus on online conversation teaching
– I’ve just recently moved to the Czech Republic, and already have experience with teaching English language conversations online.
– St. David’s College, Cardiff